Presents for Perfect Party Pictures

21-11-2014 We've picked three top gadgets to either buy as a gift for photo taking friends or for yourself to use over the party season - watch out instagram!

The Bubblescope is a fun stocking filler idea, which you attach to an iPhone and can then use to take 360 degree "bubble-like" still photos or videos.
Available from Firebox for £69.99

We've included the Holga iPhone Lens Dial as we decided it just had to play a part in this year's Christmas gift list, because it's got nine different toy camera lenses that give you a range of effects, like vignettes and vibrant colours and it looks super cute too.
Available from ROOBIX for £29.95

Last but not least... The SelfieStick - Your pictures will be head and shoulders above the rest!

The SelfieStick allows you to take photos and videos from a whole new perspective. The selfie has become a mega trend on social media lately and this gadget is here to help you create your own fabulous shots. If you've ever tried to take a selfie (and let's be honest, even if you won't admit it, it's something everyone has been tempted to try) then you'll have found it's much trickier than it looks, especially if you don't want a random arm in-shot. Those instagram people make it look so easy! That's where the SelfieStick comes in, it's easy to use and all you'll need is a self-timer app on your smartphone.
From Red5 and only £6.95

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James Fendyke

Fantastic! As the stag I feel they did a sterling job and couldn't ask for anymore!
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Jose Antonio Muñoz

The best!!!!!!!

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